Thoughts on Leaving

Although it has yet to hit me, in nineteen days (August 24th) I'll depart from JFK International Airport for Zurich, Switzerland. This'll be my fourth time in Europe—my second in Germany—and my longest vacation ever at one year. Whoa, mama! I have one more day of poop-scooping, weed-whacking, and other assorted chores at the sheep farm where I'm currently employed, and then the next couple of weeks or so will be spent packing (a process I've already rather clumsily begun) and saying "auf Wiedersehen" to friends and relatives. While I know it will be something of a sad departure—undoubtedly, tears will be shed, as they often are in these situations—I am nevertheless optimistic about my journey to come. With any luck, these next few weeks will breeze by smoothly, and I will be able to say, "So long, America... Hello, Konstanz," with nothing but good feelings in my heart!

Stay tuned for my next post, which should cover my departure, flight, and arrival in Zurich. Until then... Tschüss!

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